Welcome to Scholacticus Literati!

Welcome to Scholacticus Literati. We are a club on Playstation Home, dedicated to all things intellectual. The world can be very superficial when dealing with society on a mass level, and we offer a sanctuary where those who wish to discuss issues that actually hold weight and meaning. There is no discussion of Justin Beiber, or Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage in this club.

We hold a monthly debate event, in which those who wish to debate in front of a live audience (other club members) can register with club management to do so. There can be more than one scheduled debate at any of these events. Each debate will feature 2 Members, who will have to agree on a topic and take a stand on the issue. Each member will have 10 responses including a opening statement and closing statement. Debates will be recorded via video camera, and reviewed for accuracy. A member will be awarded a winner at the event.

The club gives its members merits based partially off wins in the debates. Additionally, the bulk of the ranking system will be based on the members tendency to state factual statements.

Every club member will start off with a neutral rating of “Solite”. Members who prove to be factual and willing to participate in the debates will move up in the ranks of the most trusted individuals. Members who speak without knowledge and use farcical points will be demoted upon continued use. We here at the club knows anyone can make a mistake with the facts, so we will not demote for a occasional slip.


The ranking system is as follows:

NumQuam – Lowest of Lows, this member continues to spread opinionated lies for the sake of sensationalism, and claims them as fact.

Interdum- This member does their research occasionally, and has statements that are factually correct, but the frequency of these statements is far outweighed by those that they claim to be truth but are opinions.

Solite – Starting off point for new members. Trusted more than NumQuam’s and Interdum’s, but not counted on for their accuracy. One could move down or up quickly depending on statements, or they could stay the same if they usually show to have facts right about 60% of the time.

Saepe – This member is included in the upper echelon of members.  A member who takes pride in being informed, and is factual correct about 75% of the time. The Saepe will have their voices heard in major club affairs.

Semper – These members take great care not to utter falsities in debate. One must be stateing facts 90% of the time or more to reach this level. Management will consult with these members when changes to the club are needed or desired.

We are a free thinking society. You will not be chastised for your opinions, as long as you have us understand they are your opinions. Facts will be presented for both sides of the issues, but no one is obligated to change their opinion about the topic.

You can request to join us by requesting a membership in Home, or you can send a request to PSN member: DGodin88. He is the owner of the club, and will gladly sit down with you to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you amongst our ranks.


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